Rainmakers Only

A special message for

  • Retail Brokerage Production Team Leaders

  • Wholesale Brokerage Team Leaders

  • Carrier or MGA Specialty Product Leaders

trophy.pngWhen it is time for a rainmaker to move to a better platform, there are legal and ethical issues that come into play if clients or programs may follow the rainmaker.

We strongly believe in taking the high ground on ethical issues and not interfering with legitimate contracts, but we also know that a freely competitive global marketplace is best for everyone.

For over 35 years, our parent company’s M&A division has assisted in structuring equitable proposals for the orderly movement of books or products to the overall benefit of the industry.

If you are a rainmaker who knows it is time for a different platform, please contact Richard Shoemaker, CEO of our parent company, at 916-721-5511 or rich.shoemaker@irgroupco.com. He will team with one of our Managing Directors and work with you on a confidential basis to execute the best plan for you and your team.

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